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January 28–
March 24
New Prints 2012/Winter
Opening Reception: February 2, 6-8pm/ Members' and Artists' Preview 5-6pm
On View: January 28–March 24, 2012
More info: http://www.ipcny.org/node/1531

January 19–
January 21
Published by the Artist
Benefit Exhibition and Sale to support IPCNY
IPCNY, New York
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 19, 6–8
On View: January 19, 6–8; January 20, 11–6; January 21, 11–10
More info: http://www.ipcny.org/node/1528

January 27–
March 10
New Prints 2011
Visual Arts Center at The University of Texas at Austin
January 27–March 10, 2012
More info: http://utvac.org/exhibitions/new-prints-2011

January 28–
March 24
New Prints 2012/Winter
IPCNY, New York
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 2, 6–8
On view: January 28–March 24, 2012
Press release (PDF): http://www.ipcny.org/sites/default/files/private/press_release_final.pdf

January 9 My discarded Christmas tree installation has been featured on Animal, Curbed NY, FREEBrooklyn, Gothamist, Huffington Post, Inhabitat, Recyclart.


November 3 I have a screen print in New Prints 2011/Autumn, at IPCNY. Opening Reception: November 3, 6–9 pm. If you're in Austin, TX check out the show when it travels to the Visual Arts Center at The University of Texas/Austin from January 27–March 10, 2012.

September 20 I have a number of works available for rent or purchase at New York art start-up Artsicle.

August 13 I have a piece in Can't Hear the Revolution, a group show at Kunsthalle Galapagos. August 13 - August 21, 2011.

March 4 I was interviewed about The Night Shadow and photography by Doug Zanger from Advertising Week. See the post here and stream the interview here.

February 21 This month's issue of Mexican magazine La Tempestad features one of my photos of David Byrne's bike racks from The Night Shadow.

January 19 Good Magazine is currently featuring The Night Shadow up on the front page of their website as the Image of the Day. Permalink here.

January 18 The Night Shadow was featured today in the Portfolio section of Urban Omnibus, an online project of the Architectural League that explores the relationship between design and the physical environment of New York City.

January 5 Welcome visitors from This Blog Rules Please contact me if you're interested in prints, reproducing my images or want to join my mailing list. Please also be sure to check out my Flickr photo stream which has more of my chalk project. If you didn't come from This Blog Rules you should check out the extensive interview they did with me.


November 30 Technically old news since it happened in 2004, but I was excited today to find that a screenprint of mine, Red Sky By Morning, 2002 was acquired by the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

November 4I am exhibiting two recent screenprints with Marginal Editions. Come by for a visit.

Editions|Artists Book Fair
548 W 22nd St
New York City

November 1Be sure to drop by SHO Gallery to see my screenprint Tangerine Gift Box in its first exhibition. This is a big group show and should be great.

Show Me Some Skin...Prints from New York City and Beyond
SHO Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

April 14 I am part of a group exhibition in Soho that opens this Wednesday evening. We hung the show today and the work is great. Please come out!

Opening: Wednesday, April 14, 6–8 pm
Spattered Columns at Art Connects NY
491 Broadway (near Broome), 5th Floor
New York NY 10012

February 5 Brad Ewing and I are the subject of a two-person show, Offcut, curated by Erik Hougen at SHO Gallery, in Brooklyn, NY February 5–March 4. Come out for the beard/moustache/closing party on Saturday, March 3.

January 14 One of my prints is included in the International Print Center New York's New Prints 2010/Winter, on view January 14–February 20. Come out for the opening on Thursday, January 14th, 6–8 pm in Chelsea. More info...

January 10 Two of my photographs are featured in The Sienese Shredder #4, an annual book of art, design, literature, poetry, music, and culture.


12 December Chalk blogged at ↓side↑

26 June I have a piece in The Love Show which opens July 17 at Spread Art Gallery in Brooklyn.

24 June Two of my photographs are currently featured in Brighten Life, Get Ahead, which opens today at Hana Art Gallery in Seoul, Korea

10 February Thanks Gothamist

2 February Inspiring people to play: Design…Stat

31 January Inventor Spot Walk The Walk, Chalk The Chalk

6 January Tip o' the cap to The Daily Dairy


17 December "fascinating":between the voice and the echo

8 December I'm not sure how long the link has been up (looks like a couple of weeks) but David Byrne's website is linking to my Flickr stream where I have some photos of the chalked outlines of his recent New York City bike racks. While I wanted to chalk them all, only a few have good shadows. The bike racks are great, definitely worth checking out.

8 December Arkyard made a short film tour of David Byrne's bike racks shortly after I outlined a few of them at the end of August. My outlines made it into their film.

28 November Sarah Morgan over at BuzzFeed nailed a strong influence in my work.

28 November They're reading about me in Japan. I'm not sure if this is a comparison to Invader but if it is, I am flattered. Decide for yourself: Weekly Teinou Bee Woman.

28 November From Germany, a Short Nom.

28 November Green Lantern Press posted a nice story about running across one of my pieces.

27 November Two blogs en español: Recogedor and 42, and one in dutch: Waslijn.com

27 November I'm still not sure if my work is street art, though it does live in that world, but thanks to Eklectric for the post.

27 November Illusion360

26 November A post from German blog RebelArt.

26 November A ton of people have reblogged a recent post by Picdit.

26 NovemberPreik via Design You Trust via Russian language Art blog Ezhichki.

25 NovemberThanks to Jane at inspirations splendides for her post.

25 November Thanks to Reevo at Ektopia for his post about my Chalk series. Believe it or not, Reevo is the first blogger to consider the photographs as the work, not the chalk:

"I know this has been done before and that there are a few great examples on the internet but what sets Neff's pieces above the others, in my opinion, is that the finished photo seems to be the art and not the actual piece that's been photographed."


19 November They posted about the Chalk series over at Blogilvy. Check out their header graphic/logo. Fantastic!

19 November Thanks to Christopher Boone for his thoughts at El Ultimo que Cierre lo Puerta (The Last to Close the Door).

15 November A spirited discussion on the Spanish-speaking blog Flores en el Ático.

5 November Thanks to Björn over at Feed Speak for another mention on his blog. Great stuff over there. (Previously on Feed Speak May 23, 2008)

17 July Chalk featured in the national edition of GenArt's weekly round up of what's cool around the country: 7 Ways to Get Your Geek On.

13 June Chalk on Mindzai.

2 June Slim on calories but tastes great: Carb Free Creativity.

23 May Bunker Complex.

22 May The Last Minute.

21 May Thanks to Priyanka for her post.

16 May I hope you can read Estonian because Google can't translate it: Sahtel.

16 May It is an honor to have Ben Terrett write about my work on Noisy Decent Graphics.

19 February A little plug on LAist. Thanks to Elise Thompson.


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